Welcome to Wetpartners, The Wetlands adult website partnership program that allows YOU, an amateur to have your own money making adult website, with none of the traditional startup costs or hassles.

(a.k.a WetPass
) is a program offered by The Wetlands Inc. which allows newcomers and existing webmasters alike an opportunity to become part of the Wetlands... The World's Largest Amateur Adult Network.
     We set up and design a visitor's area for you with your choice of domain name (www.yourname.com) This area includes your personal info and some sample images etc. that will convince visitors to sign up. When visitor's choose to sign up to your site, they actually receive access to the entire Wetlands site including a special section for your own member's images galleries.   This way you receive the benefit of free web design, domain name registration, hosting, and use of The Wetlands Huge members gallery which will keep your subscribers membership recurring LONGER than ANY other Adult Site in the World!
     In exchange, you provide content images on a regular basis and advertise your particular visitor's area as much as possible.  The more traffic you can get to your page, the more money you'll make.  The profits from visitor's who sign up via your page are split 50/50 and a check is sent directly to you from CCBill.

Our membership fees are as follows:

  • $12.95 - 3 DAYS (recurring at $19.95/30 DAYS)

  • $19.95 - 30 DAYS (recurring)

  • $39.95 - 90 DAYS (recurring)

  • $99.95 - 365 DAYS (one time billing)

     You will receive approximately* 50% from each sale made through your web site.  As a member chooses to continue his/her membership month after month, you will receive approximately 50% from each recurring sale as well.

     Sales Bonus - After a partner has sold $500.00 worth of memberships their profit share will increase 5%.   After $1000.00 the profit share is increased by 10%

     Basically, you'll have your own money making web page with little or no start up costs.   Again, we make no guarantees as to the success of your web site, that will remain up to you. Your ability to Promote and Generate TRAFFIC to YOUR site will determine to what degree you will succeed.

 * CCBill deducts a processing fee from each transaction before the 50% cut is made.

     "I've been a Wetlands' WET Partner for over 2 1/2 years now. I love shooting pictures and videos for my Members and truly enjoy the entrepreneurial challenge of marketing my own website. I'm not a computer whiz by any stretch of the imagination and do not want to have to worry about bandwidth charges, storage limitations, how fast my servers are, etc.. As a WET Partner, I have been able to do just that and, in the process, have been able to create (at least in my opinion) a pretty financially successful porn website."

Chloe of Chloescornerxxx.com


    There are basically three types of people who would benefit from the Wet Partners Program:

   THE NEW - Those who do not yet have an adult web site.  An uninhibited couple or a single female (or a sorority) who has a digital camera and would like to make money with their very own adult web site.  Let us do the design work and host your site for free!  With no money going to expensive hosting, web design, and bandwidth charges... all the $$$ you make through the site is profit! 
    THE WISE - Existing amateur adult webmasters who are not happy with their current situation and need a fresh start.  Paying too much for hosting and bandwidth?  Visitors not happy with the small amount of content your existing site offers?  Become a Wetlands Wetpartner and watch your sales grow!  Ditch the old and trade up to a winning team!
    THE AMBITIOUS - Amateur adult webmasters who want the added earning power of a SECOND WEB SITE for FREE.  Keep your existing site and DOUBLE your earnings potential.  You'll be able to advertise Two Web Sites without paying twice the hosting and maintenance fees!

    REMEMBER - The most important reason for ANYONE to join The Wetlands Wetpartner program is The Wetlands site itself.  As a Partner you'll be selling your customers thousands of images and videos  instead of just a few hundred.

     "Excellent service from all the staff. Privacy to our family... I don't have too worry about being exposed to the media unless I desire this. Hardly any down time on the servers. 2 times in 2 1/2 years. Servers are fast and customers don't have to wait to view. While visiting the home office we were treated very well by everyone. They always answer your questions and e-mails. Wetlands always has new programs and promotions available."

Dee of Hornydee.com

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